About Us

 Jay's Garage LLC Is located at 39 52nd Street. SE Kentwood, MI 49548. We Offer a Wide range of motorcycle and Auto services to customers in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. We use only top band name parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running in top form. We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment to provide an in-depth analysis of your vehicle's systems allowing our technicians to accurately understand and diagnose your motorcycle or cars needs. Whether you come in for a basic oil change or a major service, our Motorcycle repair and automotive repair shop is the solution for all your vehicle problems.  

Our Technicians are trained and certified in every aspect of Motorcycle repair and Automotive repair.


Being in this industry allow us to have the same passion that drives our customers. Owning your own vehicle means freedom, freedom to travel to explore the the world around us. Having the wind your hair with out a care in the world as you travel to you destination is a passion we all share. In order to keep these beloved vehicles running properly, we have the responsibility of making sure your vehicle is running the best that it can. Our team at Jay's Garage understand the importance of having your family vehicle, commuting vehicle and the vehicle that lets you have fun running in peak condition.  

 We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us.